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1975.  8th Ave Bus Station.1975. Summer.1975.  42nd. St. When it was real.1978.  Brooklyn.1978. Brooklyn. Coney Island.1980. August.1980. Prospect Park Brooklyn, Japanese Garden art class.1980. 57th St. tram.1980.  5th. Ave. Mahattan.1980. September. Brooklyn. Coney Island.1980. September. Coney Island.1980. September. 8th. Ave., Brooklyn.1980. Long Island Estate.1980.  October. Brooklyn.  Park Slope.1980.  Brooklyn.  Coney Island subway platform in the snow.1981.  February. Approaching Manhattan in the rain on the ferry.1981. February19811981. The Empire State Building rises From Midtown.1981.  April. Central Park.